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The Name a Star ™ unique and personalized star name gift packages start as low as $28.95 with FREE Instant Online Delivery!

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Memorial Star™

Memorial Stars are stars you have dedicated in honor of your loved ones who have passed away.

In memorial, we offer a unique Name a Star package that includes a special letter.You can also add your own personal tribute to the star certificate. The star you name in memory will be recorded in the Name a Star Record Book™, maintained by Name a Star - The Original Star Naming Service since 1978®.

Most important of all, the Memorial Star™ is placed in a constellation that is visible all year round. A Memorial Star™ is an extraordinarily powerful gift. By naming a star for a loved one, that star’s continued presence in the Polar Sky helps keep memories alive with a simple glance to the heavens on a clear, starry night.

Remember that beautiful Name a Star Certificate of Registration© that you got for a friend or loved one? Now you can get a PDF Version of the Name a Star Record Book© with your star name in it for only $14.95 and FREE INSTANT ONLINE DELIVERY! The official Name a Star Record Book© Volume 5 is now available.

Each Certificate of Registration is customized to your request and displays the following information:

  • The exact Celestial Address of the star in the heavens.
  • The name of the Constellation in which your star is found.
  • The name you give to your star.
  • The personal message or tribute you write. Click here for some samples.
  • The Date you choose to commemorate.
  • Your From Lines and/or Signature, which we can either print or leave blank for you to hand sign.

Click to enlarge

The Standard Memorial Package™ includes a bound Portfolio with the following information:

  • Certificate of Registration. Each Certificate of Registration is customized with a personal message or tribute you write.
  • Star charts marked with the location of your star on either a Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere chart, depending on your location.
  • A star chart showing the constellation in which your star is located along with the celestial address of your star.
  • A star chart showing a close-up view of what you would see if a telescope is centered on your Star.
  • A description of the Constellation including what they represent and who or what they were named for.

The Standard Memorial Package is $49.95 plus shipping.


Deluxe Memorial Package

If you would like a beautifully framed certificate with your Memorial Package order our Deluxe Memorial Package.

Our Deluxe Memorial Package includes all of the items in the Standard Memorial Package, PLUS we include a SECOND certificate in a frame. The stylish, 9.5 by 12 inch black frame with glass cover is perfect for any occasion. It adds a classy touch to your unique star gift.

You get TWO Name a Star™ Certificates of Registration with the Deluxe Framed Package. One is bound in your Name a Star™ Portfolio and the other comes in the frame.

Each Certificate of Registration is customized to your request.

The Deluxe Memorial Package is $69.95 plus shipping.

You can even add your own personal message to the star certificate.

Here are just a few reasons our customers think Name a Star™ is the a great gift and why we are the best star naming service to order from (mouse over to pause):

R Clark writes:
Here is a wonderful recipe, tried and tested, for guys who do not like to cook on their wife's birthday. Combine the following ingredients; A beautiful wife, a Jazz Duo, a great wine (optional), a 7 course dinner at a fine dining establishment along a lake at sunset, dessert for two brought to the table with one candle. Top off combined ingredients with the gift of a star [name] from Name a Star. This recipe, exactly followed, will be enjoyed by all, including wait staff, and will become one of the most memorable moments in their lives. I guarantee it!

Mat B. writes


Awesome certificate! Came out 100 times better than expected.  Printed beautifully!  I referred to the below suggested sites to view the star and Google Earth generated a very beautiful picture of my Fiance's star!

I have no doubt, when I give this to her she'll freak out!

Thanks Tonya & Name A Star!  Really appreciate it!

Kindest Regards


Julian writes:
hola, Tonya!!
No se si me entiendes al escribirte en castellano, pero te escribo para agradecerte tu gran eficacia y buen trato. Estoy encantado con el pedido que te hice para mi madre y fue un magnifico regalo para ella. Le gusto mucho. El motivo de escribirte es para reconocerte que eres una gran profesional y que en todo momento has atendido perfectamente mi pedido. Antes de esto yo no estaba muy seguro de realizar compras por internet, pero ahora veo que con empresas serias y profesionales como tu es muy fiable. Gracias por hacer posible la ilusion de mi madre.

emilaron04 writes:
...WOW! I have never had such a fast response time... The great price, attractive [Name a Star™] portfolio, and no hassle ordering was just a perk!

mkhrauch writes:
... What a wonderful job you do [naming stars] and what a great presentation [Name a Star™ Portfolio] you put together and sent out.  ... I can’t say enough great things – this is just absolutely great!  Thank you so very much!

turtle writes:
...amazing company [Name a Star™], with fantastic customer service and a perfect gift.

Click here to read more Customer Comments.


Lera S writes this about the Memorial Star Certificate

I love Name a Star.  This is my second time ordering a star.  The first star was a memorial star for a hospice patient's family.  These two stars are for my granddaughters that are 5 and 8 and are 1700 miles away.

I recommended your site to a friend that ordered a star for a stillborn infant and it meant so much to the parents.

Thank you for such a awesome gift.

Lera S

REMEMBER - If the website doesn't say "Name a Star - The original star naming service - Since 1978®" then you aren't buying from the original star naming service! This service mark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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